Reverse Osmosis – A Water Filtration System that Moves You

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Water Filters

Reverse osmosis water filtration is very popular in the United States and across the globe. Everywhere, people are seeing the benefits of having their water filtered, both for a cleaner, better taste and greater overall quality. So, why reverse osmosis? It’s simple science!

Better Than Carbon? Maybe So!

Carbon filtration often uses nonrenewably-sourced carbon filters to essentially net and hang onto particulate matter. While this does work, it becomes far less effective over time, and can lead to unsavory leaks into the water when filters are compromised or become too old.

Reverse osmosis works by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane. The water that emerges on the other side will leave behind most – usually 95%-99% – of all dissolved salts and other solids, including many contaminants that can cause health concerns. In doing so, it produces cleaner, better-quality water without some of the side effects of carbon filtering. And it’s all owed to the power behind this moving type of water filtration, the booster pump.

How to Make the Right Choice in Buying Your Booster

There are many booster pumps of different makes and models to choose from on the market today. This product is necessary for proper function of your filtration system’s reverse osmosis is virtually useless without it. They may also be necessary in some home plumbing systems to increase water pressure where it isn’t high enough to be useful. With it being so important, how can you know you’re getting the very best when you make your investment?

The answer is simple: choose the brand most often chosen by those in the industry. Retailers of filtration systems and parts most often suggest the Aquatec booster pump. It is the gold standard in the industry, a fact backed up by the many industry professionals who choose it time after time for part replacement and repair. If you want the very best, choose an Aquatec booster pump, and let the taste and quality of your water show you why you made the right choice!

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