Types of IP Surveillance Cameras

There are many benefits to using IP surveillance cameras for Louisville, KY businesses. Digital technology is advantageous over analog and traditional recording media. There are many reasons to choose IP over older closed-circuit systems. Some of the benefits include:

  • Higher image resolution and better zoom image

  • Digital recording lasts longer

  • Easy to store and transfer to other forms of media

  • Easy to encrypt digital images

  • Easy to upgrade and add additional devices to

Types of IP Surveillance Cameras

There are four basic types of features offered with IP cameras. Below are the types along with a brief description. Choose the ones that best meet the surveillance needs for your business.

Wired or Wireless

Wired IP surveillance cameras in Louisville, KY are linked to a local network, or to the internet using ethernet. A wireless camera is connected to a network using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The advantage of a wireless unit is it can often be located in places that would be hard to install a hard-wired IP camera.

PTZ or Fixed IP

A fixed unit is fixed in place, so their viewing angle and direction remain unchanged. A PTZ camera can zoom, tilt and pan offering a variety of angles and views. Their movement can be controlled automatically or manually.

Day and Night

Some cameras can provide surveillance all day and all night. The Daytime feature captures images and footage in full color. Nighttime views provide images in monochrome and use infrared lights to enable night vision.

HD and High Resolution Cameras (Mega-pixels)

This option contains a high-resolution lens and produces very detailed images. The minimum resolution for this type of camera is 1280 x 1024 pixels. It can be used to store or transmit high-quality HD images and videos. It will need quite a lot more bandwidth and more storage capacity. They are useful when a business regularly reviews surveillance videos looking for details.

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