Knowing Your Wedding Photographer a Little Better

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Event Planning


You put a lot of trust in the person you hire to shoot your wedding, but many couples actually know very little about these individuals, what they go through, how they think, and what all goes into preparing for their wedding shoot.  Here is a sneak peek into the lives of wedding photographers in MD. Having good photography skills is of course essential but a professional photographer will also have the following skills:

*  Have a great personality and the ability to develop a rapport with people that attend the wedding. They should also be friendly and happy.
*  Be able to think quickly on their feet when things go wrong and to overcome any difficulties.
A good photographer should be able to make fast decisions and to convince others to follow their lead.

It is also very helpful to wedding photographers to give a list of shots you would like to have at the wedding. Most wedding photographers make their own list like the following, but having a personalized list from the bride and groom is also very helpful:

Wedding Details

* Flowers and bouquet
* Tie and buttons on tux
* Buttons and lace on dress
* Cufflinks or bracelets
* Rings and necklaces
* Watch and other accents

Boys Getting Ready

* Boys assisting with cufflinks
* Boys helping with tie
* All boys getting dressed, vests, tux
* Slap the ass shots or other funny guy photos
* All boys doing the Roger David pose
* Superhero pose with the boys
* Serious and gangster pose
* Smiles to all and congrats to the groom

All about the Bride

* Big smiles as the bride prepares
* Assisting with the dress and final touches
* Final adjustments to the dress
* Hair shots
* Mother helping daughter
* Bride and bridesmaids together
* Smiles and laughs
* Bride looking at her dress in the mirror
* Seated shots alone in the room

Bride alone in archway

* Bride looking away into the distance
* Bride looking at camera
* Back of dress shot
* Bride looking down at flowers

Groom alone in archway

* Hands in pockets looking cool at camera
* Serious and smiling at camera
* Looking into the distance
* Looking at his bride

Bride and Groom together

* Looking at each other with big smiles
* Gazing into eyes
* Nose to nose
* Kissing- passionate and casual ones
* Looking at camera

Bride and Groom hugging

* Bride and Groom hugging from behind
* Both looking at camera
* Looking over shoulder into the distance
* Bride kissing groom on the cheek
* Fun kissing shots and reactions

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