Locksmiths in Lawrence Can Install the Latest in Lock Designs for Your Security

The locksmiths of today no longer just make keys and sell locks. They are working with high tech security locks which require skill and experience. These locks have a place in our society today, and they enable us to feel safer in our homes and businesses. Visit website for more information.
A keyless entry lock which requires the buttons to be set to a code will solve the problem of children loosing their key. This system is also convenient for adults who do not want to carry a key or would rather no keys be made at all. Families who know that a key has been stolen should consider this as a replacement lock to prevent the use of the stolen key. Of course, the Locksmiths in Lawrence can rekey your locks or install new locks, but consider the safety of a keyless entry lock system.


Another safety lock is the Keyless Remote Deadbolt lock. This system uses a hand held fob with buttons which when pressed will open the door from 10 feet away. A key can also be used to unlock the door. The remote deadbolt lock is handy when you don’t want to use a key because your arms are full of packages.


Locksmiths in Lawrence can help you if you are locked out. They can open your lock on the house door or car door. New lock hardware can be installed. Door locks can be rekeyed without replacing the lock mechanism. A deadbolt installation is really very good added protection. A door alarm system can be installed to alert you when somebody is attempting to enter the house.


Commercial enterprises can be secured with an electronic pad used to read a coded card which will allow the card holder access to the building or an area within the building. Locksmiths in Lawrence can install high security locks to protect the building. Electromagnetic locks, finger print, digital access and biometric locks are considered high security locks. However, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have certified some locks to be high security locks by putting these through a variety of tests which proves that these locks cannot be penetrated except by an explosive.


The locks on the market today at Lockworks Lawrence offer exceptional security for the family or the business. The safety of the home and its occupants warrant the best locking device that can be installed.

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