Why Choose Cremation in Ledyard

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Business

Choosing Cremation in Ledyard is a popular option. This is mainly due to the advantages it offers over a traditional burial. Some of the specific reasons you should consider cremation, rather than burial, are highlighted here.

More Affordable than Traditional Burial

Opting to cremate a body will be much cheaper than a traditional burial. Cremation will eliminate a number of costs, such as the viewing, cosmetician and embalming, as well as the cost for the casket and the burial vault. The cost you will see for a cremation urn and even for the interment for cremains in a specific location can be much less expensive. Additionally, the cremation process is not any less dignified than the burial, but it can save thousands of dollars in expenses.

Flexible Options for the Funeral

Cremation offers a large amount of flexibility for a family in terms of the memorial service. The funeral service is able to be conducted during cremation and even at the crematorium if desired. However, cremation can also be done and then a funeral arranged for a later date.

Ability to Personalize Final Resting Location

Another benefit offered when you choose Cremation in Ledyard is that you are able to customize the artifacts. This will help to extend the death ritual process, providing a number of additional personalization options. You can choose to scatter the ashes, or maintain them in an urn on the mantel. These are options that will not be available if you opt for a traditional burial. You can also choose from a number of different urns, depending on your wants and needs and you can even opt to have the ashes divided among family members if desired. This has become more popular in modern times and offers a new option, which was not available in the past.

This means that the main benefits of cremation is that you will be able to safe a significant amount of money, while offering you more flexibility and personalization options. Cremation has become more and more popular and if you would like more information on the process and why it would be beneficial for your needs, Click Here and learn more. Having all the information will help you to make an educated decision.



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