Make Your Project Easy With Stainless Steel Banding And Seals

There is always a hard way and an easy way to do any type of job. The good news is that if you select the right materials the easy way is also the right way and the option that will provide years of top quality service. This is definitely the case when you opt to go with stainless steel banding, seals and brackets to complete all your sign and signal hanging projects and jobs.

Options for Any Job

Stainless steel banding comes in a variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths to match any job requirement. You can choose a thinner, narrower option for lighter signs and signs that are mounted flat to the pole or you can go with a heavier, wider stainless steel banding and a cantilever type of bracket for those signs that are perpendicular to the pole. These are the signs that will take more wear and tear from wind, rain, snow and ice and a heavier strap provides additional support even in more extreme weather conditions.


One of the biggest selling features of stainless steel strapping and seals is that they are the most flexible option. You can cut any length of strapping that you need, attach the seal and then run the end through the bracket you are going to use. You then use a strapping tool to tighten the band to the desired tension and then close the seal for a hold that is secure for years and years.

Since the stainless steel is flexible enough it can be used on any sized pole. It can also be used on a variety of different pole types from metal to wood. It is also one of the few strapping options that can be used on trees and oversized columns to securely attach signs or signals.

With stainless steel banding tools you can also select your bracket to match both the type of sign as well as the pole. There are brackets for the smaller poles that provide a secure, tight fit. For those slightly bigger poles, typically over four inches in diameter, a bracket with a wider base keeps the parallel mounted signs and signals securely in place. For more information visit Independent Metal Strap

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