3 Reasons Why It Is Wiser to Rent Furnished NYC Apartments

If you are getting ready for a job transfer involving an immediate relocation to New York City or just want to spend a few months in this vibrant, enormous city to explore its endless attractions, chances are that you are already looking for a nice apartment located in your favorite neighborhood. You may know where you would like to live, but can you also picture your ideal type of rental? In other words, should you opt for one of the many furnished NYC apartments or should you go for an unfurnished one in an attempt to save a few dollars? To simplify your decision making process, we give you three reasons why renting an unfurnished home could be a mistake.

1. An Unfurnished Home Can Be Quite Depressing. Unfurnished homes lack personality. The thought of spending most of your evening in an apartment with bare floors and walls can be quite daunting, to say the least. On the other hand, furnished NYC apartments can ensure a much more comfortable stay and help you adapt to the new lifestyle changes faster than expected.

2. Furnished Homes Make You Feel at Home. The coffeemaker is on the left-hand side of your kitchen countertop. Clean towels are neatly folded in your bathroom cabinet. Your slippers are waiting for you on the softest rug that your feet have ever touched. Every single item is a part of a warm, welcoming environment reminding you of the absolutely flawless place that you used to call home. On the other side of the coin, sleeping on a mattress in a cold, depersonalized unfurnished apartment is pretty far from what most people would call a satisfactory lodging experience.

3. Furnished NYC Apartments Involve Fewer Hassles. If you usually pack lightly and don’t like to carry more than your toothbrush and a few clean sets of cloths while travelling, an unfurnished home could make you realize that you need more things than you initially thought. Naturally, in New York City you could find more than a few companies that rent furniture and offer you the chance to profit from tempting deals. But it is really worth it to go the extra mile to rent certain furniture pieces and deal with a team of movers when you know that you’re only going to stay in this city for a very short period of time? Of course, buying and accumulating furniture and appliances matching your taste can be quite a rewarding experience. And for people with health issues such as asthma or allergies, direct contact with old, beat up furniture that was used and abused by previous tenants is definitely not a great idea. However, most people who are specifically interested in short-term rentals can agree upon the fact that renting furnished NYC apartments is the best call, even it may involve a bit more money.

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