When to Purchase Bridgestone Tires in Paramus NJ

The condition of your car tire is very important for the safety and performance of the vehicle. Unlike the attention given to the level of the fuel tank, often times motorists ignore changing tires. Different tires are designed in different ways and therefor display deferring signs when they need to be replaced. In spite of most car owners placing orders for Bridgestone Tires in Paramus NJ, they still do not understand when they need to have them replaced. Use the following guidelines to determine whether you need to change your tires.

Deterioration in performance

While attributing your car’s poor performance to the condition of its tires can be extremely difficult, a vehicle is supposed to respond to its driver’s direction accordingly. If your car experiences a poor grip on the road in messy weather conditions, then changing your tires should be at the top of your priority list. Besides, if the car takes long to stop upon braking, then you should act promptly.

Tread depth

This is the most used criterion for determining whether tires can be used further. Tread depth should not fall below the required depth of 1.6 millimeters. However, for wet roads, the recommended depth should be higher than that. The depth can be determined by tread wear indicator bars or physical assessment. These bars are always invisible when the tires are new, but get exposed when the minimum accepted depth is reached.

Cracks on side surfaces

Sometimes the depth of treads can be within the required scale but the condition of the tire cannot support further usage. Cracks on the side walls of the tires are indications of a possible rupture. Assessing the condition using this method is easy as it requires mere observations. Slight cracks should not be ignored since they form perforations. From there, the tire can blow out any time.

Changing tires upon realization that they need to be replaced is something car owners should not develop second thoughts about. If you are looking for reliable and affordable Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ, ensure that you get a genuine brand. Contact Hudson Tire Exchange Inc, they offer the best deals in a variety of Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton and Fuzion tires.


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