Maryland steam crab, an epicurean delight

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Food & Related Products

Not a summer goes by without people flocking to the Chesapeake Bay area to feast on Maryland steamed crab. The crabs in this area are not just any crab; they are Blue Crabs which contain the sweetest most succulent meat of all.

People in Maryland prepare crab, lobster and other seafood by steaming them. This is rather unique to the area, as you go south down the Atlantic coast crab is usually boiled. Ask any Marylander and they will tell you that there way is the only way; boiling makes the meat wet, steaming just leaves it deliciously moist. Marylanders also adamant about seasoning, they argue that when seasoning is in the boiling water the crab is to much the same. In Maryland, steamed crab aficionados rub seasoning on their fingers.

Why is Maryland steamed crab so special?

Blue crabs are not only found in Maryland, they are found north into Canada and south all the way to Uruguay. This wide proliferation of the crab doesn’t affect the buying public; a full half of all blue crab bought and consumed in the US comes from Maryland.

Maryland is sea food country and crab forms part of the heritage. A typical Maryland seafood medley consists of blue crab, oysters and rockfish. Some of the best chefs in the world swear by Maryland blue crab, the growing conditions and the water makes for a superior crab.

Because blue crab comes from afar as well as Maryland, how does one know if a crab is from Maryland or not? One sure way is to look at the color of the crab fat; it is a dark shade of yellow compared to others.

Perhaps the best way to know that your Maryland steamed crab actually came from Maryland is to buy it from a well recognized company that steams to order and then fresh packed and shipped all on the same day. For more information, visit Harbour House Crabs.

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