The Number One Priority When It Comes to Flipping Homes

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Business

Real estate has seen a boom in popularity since the housing market crash. Nowadays individuals want to own homes, or own several properties to rent out. The most popular term ‘flipping homes’ is a way to transform a property into a new destination for any individual, or family looking to buy. However, there is several priorities at stake when flipping a home. The number one and it should be at the top of everyone’s list is hiring an asbestos inspector.

Why Should I Hire an Asbestos Inspector?

Once the foreclosure movement happened, a ton of homes ended up being older models built between the decades of the late 1960’s to the later part of the 1990’s. Most joint compound chemicals, paint, sealants, and more contained asbestos. Since insulation is a highly required object for homes, asbestos is the fiber material constructed to contain heat within the insulation. Do not start renovating a home until an asbestos inspector from Downey, CA has had time to look over the home. Because while anyone is in the process of renovating a home, they become a target towards being exposed to any airborne asbestos particles. Not only can the individual leading the renovation become ill, but any one apart of the rebuilding project can start to show symptoms. No one is immune to asbestos.

Asbestos Can Become Airborne?

Absolutely. Asbestos is a micro fiber constructed to form thousands upon thousands of strands to make up an insulation material. While renovating that material can be easily compromised or destroyed allowing those fibers to break. Once the fibers break from their molding, they can continue to break, or crumble until airborne. Asbestos, because of its light density can remain airborne for days which is a walking toxic environment. Know that while flipping homes, an asbestos inspector should be at the top of every priority list. Contact ahead of time to arrange a meeting before any major construction begins. For more information visit Home Front Inspect.

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