Masonry: Focusing on the Trade

Brick and stone are durable building materials. They have made their use apparent throughout the centuries: from humble sheds to magnificent mansions, they have provided shelter and protection from enemy forces and their elements. Small stone churches and elegant cathedrals have lovingly worked on by masons, and over the years the masonry techniques used by these artists and craftsmen have continued to build structures of all sizes.

Yet even the most magnificent structure was not built to last forever: while some are allowed to fall into ruins or are recycled, others are repaired. The descendants of the original masons (in craft if not in bloodline) are called on to perform what they do best. Masonry repairs and restoration work is requested and the structures once again reflects its original design and purpose.

What Does Masonry Involve?

Masonry is the domain of a mason, who is a worker in the natural elements of stone and brick. In this field, you can find two basic types of masons:

 * Brick Masons: this involves masonry panels, as well as the casting of blocks and laying of bricks. A Brick mason can build and repair wall, fireplaces and path, and they can focus on industrial, commercial or residential work as long as the substance involved is brick or mortar. Some may be generalists while others are specialists in specific types of masonry, for example, refractory masons earn their living by placing refractory and tile firebrick in the furnaces and boilers various large industries.

 * Stonemasons: stone is the basic tool for this type of mason. The masonry work usually involves the cutting, laying and repairing of every natural stone from granite to limestone. Marble is also included as are various types of manmade stones, e.g. concrete and its derivatives. Stonemasons can construct walls, lay floors and build various structures and, unlike most bricklayers or brick masons, stonemasons may even cut their own materials particularly natural stone. Today, stonemasons may selectively work on building projects including restoration and repairs of older and historic structures.

Two things both types of masonry work demands are:

1. Hard physical work
2. Ability to withstand the weather in all its forms and changeability

Masonry Work

Masonry work is not easy, but it can be rewarding both financially and spiritually; it depends upon your mindset and your ability provide quality work. At companies like Soumar Masonry Restoration, Inc. the training, experience and skill all combine to provide professional masons who care about what they do.

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