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Mulch is the final touch added to garden beds, island beds, foundation plantings, and around trees in the landscape. Mulch helps to retain soil moisture, enhances soil fertility, suppresses nearly all weeds and helps prevent soil erosion. Mulch keeps the roots of tender plants warm in freezing temperatures and cool in the summer months.

Mulch Suppliers in Hartford CT like Dunning Sand and Gravel, supply a variety mulch to fit your needs while also enhancing the appearance of your landscaping beds. The addition of mulch will not stop insects from munching on your plants or eliminate plant diseases and weeds. Determining your primary goal for using the mulch is the first step in deciding what kind of mulch to buy.

Mulch is available in two forms, organic and inorganic. Organic mulch originates from plant materials. Hardwood, pine bark chips, cedar chips, leaves and pine needles are the most common. Organic mulch due to its inherent nature eventually decomposes over time. The decomposition cycle is extremely beneficial to the soil because it releases nutrients back to the soil, fertilizing and promoting sustainability. Some organic components such as sawdust or straw can impair plant growth due to large amounts of nitrogen released during decomposition. The pH level of the soil may also rise or fall negatively affecting plants.

Inorganic mulch is made up non-organic and synthetic materials. Common types of inorganic mulch are plastic, river rock/pebbles, colored or dyed stones and, the latest trend, recycled shredded rubber. Inorganic mulch lasts longer than organic mulch, however, over the course of 1-3 years it settles into the soil requiring replacement. Inorganic mulch is typically used for decorative purposes as the materials do not break down. The upside to inorganic mulch is that it does not need a yearly reapplication.

Mulching landscape or garden beds involves more than just piling mulch on top of the soil. If you are not sure about the amount of mulch to apply, the type of mulch best suited for your needs, or how much time you have for maintenance, then consult with professional Mulch Suppliers in Hartford CT as your first step.

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