Prevent Hard Water with a Salt-Free Treatment System

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Water Proofing

It has become a well-known fact today that the classic water softening treatment systems have many negative effects on your home, your budget, and the environment. These hard water treatments use large amounts of salt, waste a lot of water, require costly maintenance, and are bad for the environment. However, living with hard water has its drawbacks too. Hard water wears out appliances faster, leaves an orange residue on washing machines and dishwashers, gives clothing a dingy gray tint, and dries out your skin and hair.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent Hard Water?

With all of the knowledge about the negative effects caused by traditional hard water treatment systems you may be considering whether or not it is even worth it to install one of these systems in your building or home. If you want to prevent hard water from invading your system without the negative effects of classic water softeners, our salt-free hard water treatment system is the best new approach to softening your water.

We bring you ScaleBlaster, the newest and most innovative way to treat hard water. The benefits of using our computerized, salt-free system are great and include the following:

1. This one-time investment is affordable and will never require you to sink money into maintenance. ScaleBlaster is a computerized system that has a 20-25 year life span.

2. ScaleBlaster has a compact design and installation is easy.

3. This system requires no salt or other chemicals to prevent hard water. It softens water while keeping it safe for people who are on low-salt diets.

4. Unlike classic hard water treatments that use a ton of water in the softening process, ScaleBlaster does not require any additional water to be used.

5. This salt-free system is environmentally friendly.

6. After using ScaleBlaster, your water AND your skin will feel softer and silkier.

How Does ScaleBlaster Work?

Our compact system is installed directly onto your home or building’s incoming water line. ScaleBlaster is available in seven different varieties, suitable for homes, buildings, and industrial complexes. This innovative system will prevent hard water invasion by producing an oscillating electronic field that works by changing the physical properties of calcium molecules to keep them from building up on any surfaces.

Benefits of Using a Salt-Free Hard Water Treatment System

Using a salt-free hard water treatment system such as ScaleBlaster is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to prevent hard water from ruining your pipes, appliances, clothing, skin, and hair. ScaleBlaster requires a one-time only purchase and installation and is guaranteed to work for decades with no maintenance at all. You can live comfortably knowing that you are helping the environment while saving money and using water that is better for you.

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