Ordering A Replacement Through AC Repair Services In Wichita

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Changes in EPA policies have made it nearly impossible to maintain AC units that use R-22 refrigerant or Freon. According to reports, the EPA has required a decrease in the importation of R-22 exclusively. For Kansas homeowners who are using the older units that require the refrigerants, it could be time to replace their unit.

The Advantages of Replacing Your AC

A new system ensures that your utility costs will decrease. Energy consumption is reduced as all components operate flawlessly. Several energy-efficient models are available with the recent changes in refrigerant requirements. To review your options contact your preferred AC repair services in Wichita now.

Assurance of Comfortable Temperatures

A replacement installation offers new duct work and ventilation system along with the unit. This allows you to replace floor vents that have become rusted or worn. This ensures high-quality airflow throughout your property. Proper airflow and production of cool air assure you that your home stays a comfortable temperature. You won’t experience any disruptions in service at critical times.

Warranties and Services

AC Repair Services in Wichita are provided for the new unit according to the warranty. This indicates that if a problem arises after the installation, your preferred service provider fixes the problem without delay. The warranty covers primarily the major components of the unit. This includes but not limited to the compressor, capacitor, and condenser.

If a flaw is discovered in the unit, the manufacturer replaces the unit for you. The warranty covers replacement when a manufacturer error produces an issue. Your service provider handles the replacement for you.

Rebates and Incentives

Homeowners who choose energy-efficient systems could receive rebates or incentives. You can discuss these possibilities with your service provider. In most cases, you can claim the installation on your tax if these incentives apply to your chosen system.

Kansas homeowners should replace their air conditioning unit if EPA restrictions apply. This could reduce delays in services based on a limited supply of refrigerant. It could help the homeowners to decrease their energy costs and consumption. To learn more about the replacement of your older unit contact your preferred AC repair services today.

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