Radio Intercom Systems: More than a Modern Convenience

Safety technology was once limited to large stores and wealthy home owners. Now, an increasing number of Iowa customers are finding they can afford these measures. New versions of the traditional intercoms called radio Intercom systems are one such measure. They are becoming a central feature in many modern security systems. They are already outpacing the older intercoms, which offered audio-only features and little in terms of safety.

Far more than the amenity of the past, radio intercom systems have come to be a vital aspect of home and business security. A variety of these products exists to accommodate homes and businesses of any size. Models from NuTone and Linear, both offered at, integrate automated safety features with room-to-room communication.
This allows the user to create additional levels of safety. The many advantages of radio Intercom systems include:
* wireless connectivity to news, information, and radio.
* both audio and visual connections that allow the user to monitor children’s rooms, sales floors, and other areas where safety is a priority.
* integration with pre-existing products like burglar and fire alarms, locks, and CD players.
* master consoles that assure safety decisions stay with the user.
* wireless audio-visual feeds to computers and tablets.
* enhanced voice and audio technology, so users do not have to speak too loudly or be right next to a console to hear

These features are combined with older, proven technologies, meaning radio Intercom systems can connect to older security systems while still being upgradeable. Users can also link them to additional auxiliary systems, such as speakers and outdoor stations, as their needs grow.

Master consoles, secondary stations, and auxiliary products are fully integrated with each other while keeping security decisions and access with those meant to have them. However, this doesn’t mean intercoms have lost their place as a convenience. Communication from one room to another is still a central feature with the addition of new audio technology that ensures the clearest possible sound. Combine that with the security advantages of radio Intercom systems and the user has a more affordable product that is both a convenience and an essential.

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