Safety Measures all Businesses Should Take

Securing your business is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure success. Measures include installing security cameras, purchasing insurance, and creating a safe work environment. However, one measure that many business owners overlook is a door access control system. There are many businesses that, understandably, still rely on a lock and key entrance to determine who has access to their building. While this used to be the best security option available, it is no longer the case. Here are some reasons why an access control system is a better option for your business of any size.

  1. Keys Can Easily Be Lost

If one of your employees, or even you, misplaces their key then you are left with a huge problem. You have no way of knowing if the key is just lost in their apartment, or if it fell out of their pocket or bag on the sidewalk where anyone could pick it up. You are left with the option of changing your locks regardless, which is an expensive procedure, especially when you factor in the cost of new keys for your employees.

An access control system, in contrast, is programmable. If an employee misplaces their ID or card, the system allows you to deactivate that card so that it no longer can be used for access. This saves time and money for you and your employees. In addition, not every employee even has to have a key. Many access control systems provide you with remote control, which allows you to unlock the door from your home or your vacation rather than having to appear at the door or distribute keys.

  1. They Increase Security

Not only are key cards easier to replace than physical keys, they actually do more for overall security. Having an access control system will most often allow you to link it to your security system and cameras. This way, if there is an unauthorized entry, the alarm will immediately go off. In addition, you decide which door each key card opens. So if there are restricted areas of the business, you can grant access to some employees without having to create a completely new section of keys.

Finally, an access control system provides you with records of which employees go, or try to go, through which doors. This can tell you if employees are attempting to enter areas where they are not supposed to be, or are leaving without clearing it with their manager. In addition, this feature can tell you exactly when a burglary occurred, when the door was opened for entry, and when it was closed for exit.

Eventually, Door access control systems are undoubtedly going to replace lock and key security systems. Getting a system now will allow your company to be ahead of the curve, and increase your security at the same time. An access control system is the next vital step for your security system.

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