The Advantage Of Marine Primary Wire

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Business

It is a common debate amongst boating enthusiasts as to whether marine wire or regular wires are more ideal for sailing. Normal wires save money and are easier to find, but marine wires are always recommended for serious boaters and professionals due to their many advantages. Here are just some of them to consider:


The tin coating used in making marine wire is not only for safety and to prevent corrosion, although those are advantages too, but it also makes the wire more flexible. This makes installation and maintenance much easier.

Corrosion Protection

The materials used in these types of wires are also much more resistant to corrosion than their counterparts. This is especially important in boating as water causes metal to corrode faster, meaning regular wires won’t quite cut it. Corroded wires can also become a fire hazard, which is particularly dangerous in a marine environment where fires are a common and deadly problem.


A typical 10 AWG marine primary wire is resistant not only to extreme heat and cold but also acid, alkalis, oil, gasoline, and abrasion. In an outdoor environment, you never know what will affect your boat so wires that are resistant to all of these are an essential safety feature, as well as necessary for longevity.


All boat wiring that is approved by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) has been tested and confirmed for use in boating. This includes general purpose wires, although it is still recommended that you use specialist wires. In any case, double check that the wires you choose contain this stamp of approval before purchase, and ask a professional if you are still unsure.

Buying the right type of marine wire is not only common sense for the serious boater, it is essential for safety and to keep your boat in top condition. These wires may be small, but they make a big difference on your boat.

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