Seal the Deal with Hot Melt Adhesive

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Machinery and Equipment

The adhesive manufacturing industry produces hot melt glue with many commercial uses. One in particular benefactor is the packaging industry. More than half of the products sold in the U.S. are packaged using corrugated cardboard. Hot melt adhesive is a generic application of glue. It can be applied to the side and bottom panels of corrugated products for a strong seal that will not break down in hot or cold temperatures. It’s an application that participates in the global world markets.

Adhesives Support the Packaging Industry
The commercial shipping industry is global. Ground and air shipping demands call for packaging made of corrugated cardboard. The porous material carries its weight, delivering all types of commercial goods. Packaging manufacturers keep pace with companies and consumer demand for products and services. The corrugated box industry is the backbone of global enterprises with thanks to another downstream manufacturer. This refers to the hot melt adhesive industry, and it seals the deal for business and consumer packaging.

Solid to Liquid
The supporting role played by the adhesive industry keeps the packaging manufacturers moving forward in the competitive marketplace. There is a range of adhesives used to seal successfully and safely protect consumer goods. It is produced in a solid state; it’s safe and non-toxic and easily handled by humans. It’s shipped as a solid with delivery outputs in sticks, pellets, bars and blocks. As the name implies, hot melt adhesives require heat to melt the glue from a 100% solid state to a liquid form which is then applied to seal porous materials (corrugated) with no curing time required.

Return on Investment
The commercial heating elements used to melt the glue to a hot liquid adhesive can be part of a machine or a handheld gun. The latter requires human manipulation and usually is part of an assembly line operation. The manufacturers of sealing equipment and converting machinery offer hands-free assembly that saves time, improve accuracy and increases production rates. Business executives understand that translates into increased revenue for packaging manufacturers.

Safe for Food Packaging
Other commercial uses for hot melt adhesives come from the book and magazine industry, which use it to bind pages. Additional industries include the food packaging, labeling, woodworking, appliances, upholstery fabric, light metals and many more. It is truly a versatile, super wonder adhesive that brings our global economy together.

For over 25 years, Rapid Bond, Inc. has been a supplier of the hot melt adhesives focused on the corrugating and converting industries. Other adhesive products include wet strength resins, coatings, cleaners and additives. We are located in the U.S. and Latin America. Visit our website.

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