Temporary Construction Lighting with Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Electrical

Temporary string lights offer a range of protection for a variety of indoor and outdoor construction environments in addition to parking lots, walkways, festivals, circus tents and Christmas tree lots. Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) commercial grade outdoor string lights are rated for use with Type A23 1500-watt (maximum) incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED lamps.

The Contractor Grade CordLight is well suited for budget-conscious, reliable, medium-duty temporary lighting (heavy-duty 14/2 flat cord in 100-foot length). For harsh environments, EPCO’s Deluxe CordLights provides protection against dust, dirt, chemical vapors, salt spray, and other corrosive elements. Constructed of heavy-duty 14/2, 14/3 or 12/3 SJTW round cord with a 75°C (167°F) temperature rating, Deluxe CordLights are UL Listed and comply with UL Standard 1088 for Temporary Lighting Strings.

EPCO’s commercial grade outdoor string lights offer time-saving features, including weather-resistant lamp sockets with rigid-mounted eyelets for hooks or wire to expedite and simplify hanging, a unique open, secure closure clasp on the heavy-duty Safety Cage to facilitate bulb changes, and a patented detent “snap-off, snap-on” fitting on the lamp socket that makes it easy to replace the Safety Cage if it becomes damaged.

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