Summer Camps – A great alternative for Teens

Summer is a time for leisure and relaxation, but any parent of teenagers know that combining teenagers with too much idle time is asking for disaster. You might not think of summer day camps as a great way to keep your teenager engaged, active, and entertained for the summer, but at Black Bear Lake, we are big believers that summer camps are a great alternative for teenagers!

Black Bear Lake is a gorgeous day camp facility that is located in the heart of New Jersey. While the facility is amazing, what really separates Black Bear Lake from other day camps is the huge range of activities that we offer our campers. Our teen campers get to choose from over 50 electives, which they explore with campers in their age-range. This is a complete elective program of any day camp. Teenagers seem to come in two varieties: laser-focused or curious about all types of experiences. Our elective program allows teens with existing interests the opportunity to really explore those interests in-depth, but it also provides teens with the opportunity to explore new activities and develop new interests. We have traditional day camp activities, like basketball, but also activities like scuba and fencing, which are not as easy for the average New Jersey kid to explore.

Friendship may be one of an essential parts of the summer camp experience, and our array of teen-friendly activities provides the perfect backdrop for teens to develop friendships. Electives allow kids to meet friends with similar interests, while camp-wide activities ensure that campers will get exposure to plenty of other campers. Archery, camping, zip-lining, laser tag, swimming, water trampolines, and water slides are just some of the activities that all campers can enjoy. If your teen is enrolled in the travel program, then he or she can also enjoy a number of exciting field trip opportunities.

Want to learn more? Schedule a tour of Black Bear Lake to learn about the rest of the 2017 camp season or plan ahead for summer 2018!

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