Should I install a wireless or a wired alarm system?

Installing a wired vs. a wireless alarm in Boynton Beach depends on what you want from your home security system. A wired alarm system, for example can be is more reliable, while wireless alarm systems are more streamlined and can be installed in more places than a wired one. To help you decide, take a look at these tips.

  • Is there an existing alarm system?
    If there is an existing alarm system in your home, it is much easier to install the same type of wiring system.  Updating your alarm system could be as easy as a phone call and one visit to update the control panel. However, it depends on how many doors are wired. If it’s less than 10-15, then a wireless system could be preferable.
  • Installation Concerns
    Unless your home is already wired, wireless systems can be much easier to install. You won’t have to drill any holes or make modifications, which is ideal for renters or historic homes. It takes two to three times the labor to preinstall a wired system, then go back to finish the installation. However, a wired system is more easily customizable and sometime has certain features you can’t get with a wireless one.
  • Time involved
    A hardwired system takes more time to install. It usually requires several visits, since it needs to be prewired first. The wireless system comes with more features out of the box, reducing the time needed to install it.
  • Money Concerns
    Wireless alarm systems tend to be cheaper. Because a hardwired system needs to be prewired and requires multiple visits, it’s usually more expensive. The one exception is if your home already has a hardwired system.
  • Reliability
    The biggest drawback of a wireless system is its lack of reliability. Wireless systems are subject to a variety of interferences, which can trigger a false alarm.  These include electromagnetic interferences such as remote controls, baby monitors, microwaves, and structural interferences such as walls, ceilings, and floors. However, these occurrences are rare.  Make sure to change the batteries often to insure your system is at its peak performance.In most cases, a wireless system is a better option since it is more streamlined and less expensive. Alarm Partners carries both wired and wireless alarm systems.
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