Take Care of Your Vehicle With Expert Car Service in Broken Arrow

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Automotive

Your car could well be one of your most important possessions. This is mainly because the automobile is used for many important tasks like taking you to work or a family member to the doctor. Because of this, it is important to keep your vehicle in proper working order. This means, repairing your car or truck when things break down and some quality Car Service Broken Arrow to keep things operating properly. Car service is actually several tasks including replacing the engine oil and filter, lubricating the suspension and inspecting the hoses and belts for signs of problems. This latter step is very crucial because a broken belt or ruptured hose could leave you stranded, waiting for a wrecker service.

Two of the most vital fluids in your automobile are the engine oil and transmission fluid. Both need to be checked regularly and both should be replaced on a regular basis. Of course, the transmission fluid will last longer than engine oil, but dirty transmission fluid can clog the tiny channels inside the device and rob the vehicle of performance. Engine oil is critical because it keeps some very hot parts from rubbing together. One problem that engine oil faces is all the crud left behind from internal combustion. The piston rings pick up some of this crud and pull it down into the oil. Thankfully, some waste is picked up by the oil filter which is why the filter should be replaced whenever the oil is changed.

Regular Car Service Broken Arrow can also include the brakes. Automotive brakes are a complex assortment of friction capable parts and hydraulic driven components. It is important that the brake fluid is always filled to avoid any risk of air getting into the lines. Air mixed with brake fluid can leave you with a pedal that feels spongy or slowly pushes to the floor. The end result is a set of brakes that won’t stop the vehicle properly. Verifying the level of disc pads is also important. Many disc brakes can be checked visually, but some cars and trucks require the tire be removed to see them. However, this is better than waiting until the brakes fail or rub metal on metal. If your vehicle is due for service, then you want to visit an expert like Tate Boys Tire & Service.

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