Keep Your Pavement And Rroads Marked Well With this Paving Contractor In Gillette WY

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Allowing road and parking lot markings to fade and wear off is not only a sign of bad maintenance, but a safety hazard. Poorly maintained parking lots and athletic venues show a lack of pride in ownership and a lack of respect for customers and the public who use the spaces. Design Construction, LLC is a Paving Contractor in Gillette WY who can make any parking lot, sports venue, street or road look well-maintained and safe to use.

This Paving Contractor in Gillette WY has a service that includes total parking lot maintenance, street and road markings, commercial paving, asphalt seal coating, crack sealing and patching, painting, marking, lettering, and striping airports, tennis courts, playgrounds, athletic venues and more. They have customers in the government, military and private sector. It is important to use a company that values accuracy in markings and durability in the final product. This company is family owned and operated by licensed general contractors who are bonded and insured. All the employees are carefully picked, well trained and knowledgeable in their duties. Company policy dictates that all customers are treated fairly and in a friendly manner. Satisfied customers and excellent customer service are the goal of this company.

If a parking lot or sports venue is looking old and in poor repair, they can come in and repair and seal coat the asphalt, then apply the required striping and other markings in bright, highly visible paint. The area will look like new when they are done. Athletic tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds and other areas that benefit from specialized markings are all potential areas for this company to improve and maintain. Parking lots are especially important to have clearly marked, so more cars and trucks can park in the space. Unmarked parking lots cause chaos and badly parked cars, with fewer vehicles able to fit in.

For more information go to It is important to hire the right company to do outdoor surface marking and striping projects. A good company will warrant their work and guarantee customer satisfaction. A good company will do the job right the first time, with no cutting corners to save money. You need to use the best company to get the best result.


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