The Challenges of Seniors Dating

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Business

While many seniors have had many happy years with their spouses, accidents and illness can bring those relationships to a tragic end. Other seniors may have never settled down, preferring instead to remain single for some time. When either of these types of individuals decides it’s time to date, they may find that it’s more difficult than they remember. Today, seniors dating other seniors or even younger individuals aren’t as uncommon as they once were, but these individuals do face some unique challenges.

Meeting Others

Younger people may go to social events or activities where they can meet potential dates, but when it comes to seniors dating, that’s not always possible. Some are no longer able to drive.  Others may have difficulty driving at night or may have difficulty walking. That can make it hard to go out to meet others. This is why many seniors should turn to a matchmaking service specializing in seniors dating and working One on One with a matchmaker.

It Upsets Family Members

The idea of a parent dating, especially one who is older, can upset his or her adult children. Some of these adults find the idea scandalous. Others are concerned that their senior parent may end up dating someone younger. They may feel like this younger person is only after their father’s or mother’s money or is using him or her for some reason. Some are simply jealous of the time their parent is now devoting to this other person.

Feelings of Guilt

Another factor that often affects seniors dating is the feeling of guilt some have. This primarily affects widows and widowers who still have strong feelings for their deceased spouses. Feelings of guilt, especially the first time a surviving spouse goes on a date, are actually very normal. In most cases, the senior will find a healthy way to honor his or her loved one while still pursuing a new relationship.

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