How to Draw More People to Your Trade Show Booth

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Business

Trade shows are a great opportunity for selling products, attracting new customers, demonstrating a product, or creating buzz. But with competition all around from other booths, it can still be difficult to make yours stand out and have a return on its investment. Here are a few great ways to bring more people to your trade show booth and create a stir for your product or service:

1. Use a Prop

At every trade show, there are dozens of booths that all look the same or offer the same generic service. American Express suggests that you can make yours stand out by using some kind of prop or gimmick to attract people and make them stay longer. This could be a funfair attraction with prizes or something that people can dress up in or take pictures with. Not only will it bring people in but it will make them remember your booth too.

2. Offer Freebies

Lots of trades show booths offer freebies from snacks to pens and that’s because they work. People like getting something useful for free and will be drawn to a person handing out free gifts. Having merchandise made with your company’s name or information on them also makes people much more likely to look you up after the show.

3. Hire the Right Staff

A booth can only be as good as the staff who work there so be sure to hire people who have worked trade shows before and have charisma, friendly personalities, and strong sales skills. Visitors will be much more inclined to strike up a conversation and buy from a personable staff.

There are many different options you can choose for a show booth and many different methods you can use to make yours unique. Check out the gallery of trade show booth rental options from Nimlok and start thinking of ideas for your next trade show.

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