The Power and Durability of Polyester Powder Coating

There are many types of durable powder coating solutions that protect steel and other metals from corrosion. Manufacturers understand the degradation of metal from harmful UV rays, moisture, oxidation, environmental and industrial chemical reactions can cause severe harm to their equipments. The good news is, commercial suppliers like us can formulate and provide you with durable coatings to protect your components and parts. At Secoa Technology, that’s what we do.

If you think metal coatings doesn’t apply to you, think again. Here are just a few of the industries that count on the protection that polyester powder coating delivers, for example:

 * Bridge Builders
 * Railways
 * Automotive
 * Agricultural Farming
 * Transportation Signs
 * Commodity Hardware
 * Construction
 * Window Fabrication
 * Household Appliances

Science Behind Powder Coatings
As the name suggests, powder coating is a dry application. Unlike their liquid coating counterparts, a dry application does not require a chemical solvent. A polyester powder coating is durable, tough, and provides a high gloss finish with exceptional resistance to corrosion and heat. Typically, polyester powder coating is used to manufacture highway railings, train rails, galvanized metals, bicycles, auto parts, farm equipment and many other outdoor products. Take away the need for a chemical solvent and this provides manufacturers with a an environmentally friendly product assembly line.

Cost Benefit
Any manufacturer who relies on specialty coatings knows the cost associated with safely disposing of chemical solvents. U.S. manufacturers adhere to strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines to insure a safe environment. This includes adherence to the disposal of these chemicals. As any business owner will tell you, there are cost benefits to using “dry” polyester powder coating in their manufacturing processes.

Dry vs. Fluidity
There are other relatively standard blend powder coatings available. These include nylon, epoxy, Teflon or fusion powder coatings. We not only provide powder coatings, but a range of other standard fluid coatings and special formulations. Some of the standard coatings and application processes on the market include:

 * Electroless Nickel Plating
 * Fluoropolymer Coating
 * Diamonite Finishing
 * Nickel Boron Coating
 * UltraSeal Coating
 * Rilsan Nylon 11 Coating
 * NiB-One Finishing

At Secoa Technology, we provide manufacturing industries with dry and fluid-based coating solutions. We enjoy the challenge of developing a cost-effective formulation that meets our client’s specifications. We take pride in our work to pinpoint the right coating that prevents the costly effects of corrosion.

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