5 Popular Hail Damage Repair Tips

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Autos Repair

Dealing with hail damage? Hail damage usually results in a lot of dings and dents. If you’re looking for ways to make those dents disappear-no, they don’t add character to your ride so stop convincing yourself otherwise-then read on for some pointers from WikiHow on how you can get the hail damage repair done on your own:

  1. Look for a sunny parking spot. This is based on the idea that heat causes metal to expand. When that happens, then all the dents in your car’s body will eventually pop out. However, if you there’s no heat or it’s simply not enough, then you might find this solution less than effective. If that’s the case, time to move on to the next one:
  2. Use hot air to pop out the dents. If the sun simply isn’t cooperating, then get the next best source of heat you have handy-your hair dryer. Turn up the dial and keep the dryer about 5 to 7 inches away from the dents. Take extra care not to let the dryer touch the side of the car. That level of heat could hurt your paint job, leaving you with more problems than when you started. If your car’s paint still starts to discolor, despite the precautions you took, turn off the dryer at once. Then try restoring the paint’s color by rubbing wax into the spot.
  3. Grab some dry ice. With dry ice, you could introduce a drastic change in temperature, which, hopefully, could make those dents pop out if everything else hasn’t worked up to this point. Remember to wear gloves, though, since you’ll need to handle the dry ice for quite a bit of time. Rub it around the area to hasten the cooling process.
  4. Go with hot water. Another hail damage repair DIY technique is to pour hot water on the dents. Keep doing it until you see the dents pop out.
  5. Drive to the nearest auto shop. If all else fails, then your best bet will be any auto shop in Denver that offers hail damage repair services. Simply leave the matter in the competent, capable hands of professionals and you’ll soon get your ride back, zero dents and all.

In the end, choosing which ones of these solutions to go for first will be entirely up to you. Still, if remember that if none of the DIY measures work, you still have your trusty auto shops to take care of the problem for you.

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