The Two Most Common Kinds of Trailer Hitches in North Dakota

Whether for work or for play, residents make heavy use of their Trailer Hitches in North Dakota. Buying a hitch for a truck or personal car is practically a rite of passage among those who move to the state because there are inevitably so many occasions upon which to put them to use. Of course, that does often mean learning about the various kinds of available Trailer Hitches in North Dakota, because there are some important differences as to features, capabilities, and intended uses.

The single most common kind of hitch of all is that of the simple ball design. Familiar to just about everyone, these hitches are used for a range of mostly light-duty applications. A ball hitch is about the simplest way to connect a trailer to a vehicle, but it also comes with a couple of drawbacks.

The most important of these is that the towing capacity of a ball hitch will never be as high as with those of more advanced and ambitious designs. The simplicity of a ball hitch makes it easy to get it attached to a suitable trailer, but it also means that relatively little metal is available for shouldering loads. While ball hitches can be used for everything from towing campers and snowmobiles to pulling loaded trailers for work, their usefulness does have its limits.

When those limits become an issue, hitches of other designs are typically used. Likely the next most popular style of hitch at retailers like Pioneer Rim & Wheel is the fifth wheel, a system that is used almost exclusively with large campers and the like. The basic design is the same as is used with tractor-trailers, where a tongue attached to the thing to be towed is held securely within a slotted, circular receptacle.

In addition to providing far more towing capacity, a fifth wheel also allows for the easy connection of brakes, lights, and even electric supply. Those advantages make it especially suitable for many applications where a simple ball hitch would clearly fall short, and also make it highly versatile, as well. Although there are other kinds of hitches on the market, these two together account for most of those on the roads in North Dakota.

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