Turnaround Safety Tips And Guidelines

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services

During a plant turnaround, there may be a large number of people completing work at the same time in order to maximize the time available. Each of these tasks carries with them their own risks and hazards, making it vital to prioritize the safety of the plant, and your employees, during this time. Failing to ensure that all safety protocols are followed to the letter during this time can result in long shutdown time at best, and workplace accidents at worst. Here are a few turnaround safety tips and guidelines to help reduce the risk during this busy time.

Be Prepared

This means that you may have to start your turnaround planning four to six months before the intended turnaround date. This gives you and your staff time to inspect the equipment and workplace, and make repairs or replacements where necessary. This also gives you time to figure out which third party companies you may need to hire to complete certain jobs or to supervise working conditions. You will want to be sure you choose a company with experience and a good reputation, and will need the time in order to complete your search.

Run Training Or Retraining Sessions

Despite everyone’s best intentions, if a task isn’t completed on a daily basis, people often forget the details of how to complete that task safely. Take the time to retrain each and every one of your employees who will be involved in the turnaround on proper procedures and protocols in order to ensure that everyone has up-to-date training.

Coordinate Work With Safety In Mind

Planning months in advance will also give you the time to properly coordinate all the work that needs to be done with optimal safety in mind. For example, you wouldn’t want to have work involving intense heat being completed on the same day as work involving oxygen or other flammable material. Take some time and outline which tasks should not be completed together, and which ones need to be completed in sequence in order to make the best use of your turnaround time, and to keep your employees safe.

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