Types of Discounts Insurance Companies in Wichita KS may Offer for Teen Drivers

Purchasing auto insurance can often be a tough task for anyone. However, if you have a teen driver you will be adding to your policy, it can often be much more challenging. Most insurance carriers will charge higher rates for young adults who will be driving the vehicles they insure. Because of this, it is important to carefully evaluate the various plans insurance companies in Wichita KS have to offer.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for teen drivers. These discounts are generally based on your teen driving safely and having no tickets or accidents during a certain amount of time. Some carriers will also offer discounts for your teen driver based on the type of grades he or she earns in school. In some cases, the insurance company may provide a discount on your policy if your child successfully completes certain types of safe driver programs. These types of programs can be a good way to help you in reducing your insurance rates.

Another option insurance companies in Wichita KS may offer can be a discount based on you and your teen completing and signing a Parent-Teen driving contract. This contract is something you and your teen will create together to clarify the rules regarding the use of the vehicle. The document will generally detail what vehicle the teen can drive, when he or she can use it, curfew times and who can ride in the vehicle when the teen is driving.

A contract will also make it clear what activities are not allowed while the teen is driving. Examples of this can include, texting, eating, talking on the phone, applying make-up and more. The contract may also have details regarding the punishments or penalties the teen will face for breaking the rules.
This can be a great tool to help the parent and child regulate the use of the vehicle. Because this can be beneficial in helping the teen reduce the likelihood of an accident, many insurance carriers encourage the use of this type of document by lowering your insurance rates.

If you will be adding a teen driver to your policy, speaking to an insurance agent about discounts available to you can be a good way to help reduce your rates. For more information, please contact Andy Woodward Insurance Agency.

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