Using a swatch book to make your automotive graphic company stand out from the crowd

Swatch books can be used for displaying a huge variety of fabrics and other textiles, including vinyl which is commonly used in vehicle wraps and decals, in handy sample sizes for your customers to browse through when selecting their custom colors. For those in the automotive graphic or vehicle wrapping industry, being able to provide your clients with a tactile sampling of your vinyl inventory can mean the difference in making a sale or being pushed aside as they go to your competitors. Printing out your color choices on a piece of paper is okay, but the color can vary greatly from the actual product depending on a number of printing factors. Your business depends on individual and corporate clientele to thrive and expand, and you take pride in providing the highest quality die-cut decals and full auto body wraps, so why not take the same pride in your advertising as well?

Considering the many options and weighing the benefits

Sometimes, making a statement with your advertising can be a simple way to move just a bit ahead of your competition, and swatch books are a great way to do just that. Showing your customers that you have taken a little extra time to display your inventory well says you will also take that same time and provide that attention to detail in the actual product and service you are offering. If your business is providing vehicle decals or automotive wraps, this attention to detail is extremely valuable to the customer for peace of mind as you will ultimately be altering one of their prized possessions.

Working with the experts to design the right look for your business

Okay, you’ve selected a huge amount of vinyl inventory to display to your customers and have a general idea about how you want it swatched… now what? Now, you have to find the experts to finish the job! Lennertson Sample Company can certainly be the ones to step in here. They’re a swatch book manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience in providing the exact sampling you want. They can send you pictures or actual examples, and walk you through the process.

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