What Are Used Turning Centers?

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If you’re familiar with what a lathe is, you might think that a turning center is the same thing. Many people use both names to describe the same tool. Lathes and turning centers are similar in many ways, but they are not the same machine. We’ll look at what each of these machines is and the differences between them. This will give you an idea of whether you want to choose Milwaukee used turning centers or lathes.


Both lathes and turning centers have applications in many industries. Some examples include construction, automotive, and agriculture. They also are both excellent for use making things like bushings, threaded inserts, tooling components, and adapters. But before you decide either will do, read more about what the differences are between the two.


If you are concerned about efficient production or parts, you should be aware that CNC turning centers are the better choice. The increased efficiency means that you can produce more products using a turning center than a lathe, when all other things are the same. This may or may not matter if you won’t be using the machine 24/7. If you only have a limited need for this type of tool, the lathe can be just as good and a bit less expensive.


Due to the efficiency of a turning center, it tends to be more expensive to purchase. You can make items quicker with them, so the initial cost is higher because of that. However, due to having more products produced on an average day, you can also sell items more quickly to recoup the money you invested into the machine.


With a turning center, you can expect is to be enclosed and required the use of fluid coolant. They can also have one, two, or more tool changes, while lathes typically only have a single one. The turning center also often has a chip conveyer, which the lather will rarely have.


As far as the work that lathes and Milwaukee used turning centers do, it’s the same. The mechanical parts are also similar, but you can expect the turning center to be bigger and more powerful. This also means they are often much heavier than the lathe.

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