What is Involved With Cleaning Swimming Pools in Long Island NY

A pool is the perfect place for you and your family to kick back and relax and enjoy the warm summer weather. Though they bring a great deal of relaxation and fun, they also require a great deal of work. In order to keep the water in a state so you can be safe and enjoy it without harming your skin, you must make sure you keep the chemicals at an acceptable level and regularly remove any debris from the water and bottom of the pool. Before you decide if one is right for you, make sure you know what is involved with keeping Swimming Pools Long Island NY clean and safe for you to enjoy all season long.

Remove Large Debris

The first thing you need to do is empty all of your skimmer baskets and thoroughly vacuum the walls and floor of your pool. A net will allow you to easily remove any items that are floating on the surface of your pool, and a vacuum will make it easy to remove items from its surfaces. If you don’t remove the large items first, it can cause your pump system to block and stop functioning properly.

Add Cleaning Chemicals

The next step to keeping Swimming Pools Long Island NY clean is to add in the proper amount of chlorine, algaecide and Mildew growth inhibitor. It will keep the water clear and reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do. Your local pool store can help you choose the items you need to keep your water levels balanced.

Test Water Levels

Once you have added all of your chemicals, it is important to test the levels in your water. If the pH balance of your water is off, it will harm your skin be harmful to swim in. Make sure you get a chemical test kit so you can keep your water balanced and safe for enjoyment.

If you are ready to get a pool but are overwhelmed at the idea of maintaining it on your own, contact Sky Blue Pools Long Island NY. They provide full pool cleaning services and will help you keep your pool beautiful all summer long. Call them today or visit website to learn more and make your pool enjoyable without all the hard work.

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