What Never To Ship With Moving Companies In Chattanooga

It can be very difficult when you move to determine what you should pack in boxes and put on a truck and what should stay with you in your personal vehicle or have shipped by other means. The best moving companies in Chattanooga will provide information on what they cannot take in their trucks and what they recommend you bring in your own vehicle.

It is important to realize there are some things which are dangerous to have in the trucks and some things which are simply irreplaceable. In general, these are the two categories of items never to box or pack to be transported by moving companies in Chattanooga.

Dangerous Items

All moving companies in Chattanooga will provide detailed lists of what cannot be boxes and put on their trucks. These include items such as:

* Cleaning products

* Flammable liquids such as fuels

* Chemicals

* Ammunition or fireworks

* Larger batteries such as car batteries

* Paints and paint removers

* Propane tanks

* Poisons

* Aerosols

The reason moving companies in Chattanooga won’t transport corrosive, explosive or flammable items is there is a real risk of these items leaking, exploding, and causing fires or damage to the items in the truck.

Never try to pack these items and avoid listing them on boxes. Should any type of leak or accident occur, the presence of these prohibited items may nullify any valuation or insurance coverage you have since you knowingly violated the terms of the shipping agreement.

Valuable and Irreplaceable Items

If you have a valuable art collection, gun collection, antiques, jewelry items or other valuables they should be packed and moved by the appropriate specialized service. Most art galleries provide specific moving services for framed art, antiques, sculptures or other valuable items.

The best moving companies in Chattanooga will also recommend you avoid packing anything which is irreplaceable. Family photos, personal identification, passports, medical records, vaccination records, banking records, income tax documents, titles and deeds, wedding photos or anything else of sentimental or personal importance should be transported in your vehicle or by a secure means.

Remember, if you are traveling long distances, you will arrive before your truck. Having these documents with you will provide necessary identification to open bank accounts, get utilities connected and even to get children into school.
Read online and use the handy checklists provided by moving companies in Chattanooga to ensure you are only packing what is acceptable for your move. These same lists will also give insight into which documents and records you should transport safely on your own to provide any risk of loss or damage.

Like all top moving companies in Chattanooga, Armstrong Relocation is here to help our customers. Providing services since 1988, we have all the moving resources you need at Chattanooga.armstrongrelocation.com.

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