Some Benefits of Using 6 Pack Plastic Rings

In today’s beverage industry, there has been a shift in how six-packs of beverages such as soft drinks are packaged. An increasing number of beverage makers are using 6 pack plastic rings that are rigid and that allow customers to carry their cans from the top. These rings offer core benefits when compared to traditional flimsy plastic loops used to hold cans together, and thus can benefit your bottom line.

Today’s 6 pack plastic rings manufactured by leading companies make carrying beverages extremely convenient. This is perhaps one of the rings’ most appealing attributes. The customer doesn’t have to worry about the cans falling out of the system like they would with the older plastic loops. The old loops are significantly weaker than these plastic rings.

The plastic ring system that characterizes these products also offers the benefit of making it easier to haul your beverages to and display your beverages in the retail setting. This is because the beverages bundled together using the new plastic rings are easier to stack, with each can sitting securely on the other cans. You won’t have to be concerned about any slipping and sliding.

Another benefit of the newest plastic rings is that they are environmentally friendly. Plastic rings that are injection molded utilizing high-density polyethylene – which is also known as #2 plastic or HPE are universally recyclable.

Expert Design and Manufacturing Process
In addition to being eco-friendly, 6 pack plastic rings are known for being simple to remove and aesthetically appealing – two other characteristics that today’s customers either appreciate or demand. When you choose a top-rated supplier of these products, you can expect to work with an engineering department that provides clever part designs that can be sent to a tool room. In the tool room is where experts build prototype molds for these plastic handles.

This process makes it possible for you to enjoy the type of quick turnaround that is not always seen in today’s packaging industry. It also enables you to enjoy flexibility with design and improvements long term because it’s always important for manufacturers to stay on the cutting edge of what consumers need and demand.

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