What Women Should Know About Laser Hair Removal In Waimea

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Health

There are many reasons women decide to have Laser Hair Removal In Waimea. Most often it is due to them finding other methods of hair removal cumbersome and ineffective. While shaving removes hair, it does so at the skin level, leaving behind embarrassing stubble and painful ingrown hairs. Shaving also causes darkening of the skin which can be embarrassing. Fortunately, women now have a better option of removing unwanted hair almost anywhere on their body. With laser hair removal, women will never have to worry about cumbersome methods of hair removal again.

Laser hair removal uses laser energy waves to send light energy down into the follicle. Those follicles that are in their active growth phases are able to absorb the energy, so the follicle becomes deactivated and stops growing hair. More than one treatment will most likely be needed to ensure all of the follicles are treated.

Laser Hair Removal In Waimea treats the hair follicles so they stop producing hair immediately. As the hair is shed, it takes much longer to return. When it does begin growing again, it grows in much lighter and thinner than before. Some people are able to be rid of their unwanted hair permanently.

When a person goes to have laser hair removal treatments, they can expect the need to first prepare themselves by avoiding shaving or waxing for a few weeks before the treatment. It is imperative the hair is long enough so the laser therapy will be effective. If the hair has enough melanin in the follicle, the follicle will easily absorb the laser energy so the follicle will shrivel and cease hair production immediately.

After several treatments, a woman can say goodbye to her unwanted hair for months, years or even forever. Those who are interested in these treatments should schedule a consultation appointment to learn what to expect. Those who have lighter skin tones with darker hair will experience the best results from treatment. For more information on these treatments, contact the office of David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D to schedule a consultation. Through these treatments, you can be free of your unwanted hair without irritation.

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